We offer a variety of product services including: 

Tank Hydrotesting

Tanks should be hydrotested every 5 years. If your tank has not been hydrotested within 5 years from the manufacturer date stamped on it, you wont be able to get it filled. Hydrotesting ensures the tanks structural integrity and ensures that it is safe to keep using. The price to hydrotest is $45 and typically takes 3 to 4 weeks. Both DOT and ISO certified tanks are accepted.

 HPA/Compressed Air Regulator Service

Like paintball markers, HPA tank regulators should be serviced once a while to ensure optimal performance. If you are already experiencing issues or want to do a regulator swap, feel free to bring the tank in.

 Complete Marker Repair and Service

Want your marker to be in tip-top shape? Bring it in or send it to us and we will do a full diagnostic and rebuild it to keep you on the field for only $30. Fee includes standard Buna-N o-rings. Replacement parts are not included in the tech fee.